• An Eclectic Taste in C'ville
    ec·lec·tic (adjective): "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources."
  • Ed Nafei | Executive Chef
    Executive Chef and owner, Ed Nafei, has 30 years of classical and modern experience as a chef. His goal is to thrill his guests.
  • Divine Desserts
    Savour's desserts have been described as a treat for the gods. Come see for yourself.
  • Fresh & Finest
    Chef Ed Nafei purchases only the fresh & finest ingredients, and serves his dishes at the highest standards. Each meal begins with freshly-baked baguettes and whipped butter.
  • Classy Wine Selection
    Savour offers a wide range of fine wines from France, Italy, Spain, California, and even Charlottesville.

Savour | The Food & Wine

Explore photos of the creative and delicious food and wine offered by world-class executive chef Ed Nafei. Salivating is permitted. Photos submitted b
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Savour | Events, Catering, & Holidays

Do you want to reserve our dining room? Do you want an upscale catering team for your event? We’d love to help you with your needs!  ONSITE EVEN
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Savour | The Kitchen

Take a tour of the Savour kitchen and see the care that goes into every fine dish. Also meet the talented chefs that make Savour a success. Photos sub
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Savour | The Reviews

Our customers have spoken, and have shared great reviews about the Savour restaurant. Care to share your positive reviews?  
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